Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Site Announcements

1) As you can see, Blogging for Bacteriophages has now become "The Times Microbial" @ Phagehunter.Org. After some long thought, I decided to change the name in an effort to address the fact that the site covers material in the microbial world beyond just bacteriophage biology. This, along with the layout changes, are part of a larger transformation that will take place VERY slowly over the next year or so.

2) Articles that are written on peer-reviewed research (which make up the vast majority of the posts here) are aggregated at the site Relatively recently, their editors have begun selecting notable articles as "Editor's Selections" each week. I am proud to announce that two of our articles here have been selected thus far. These are denoted by the "Editor's Selection" badge, as well as, a post tag to allow quick access to the best of the articles published here.

3) As always if you have any questions or comments, send me a message. Feedback is always appreciated.



Mariam Reyad said...

Cool name :D

Great to know about

Keep up the great work!

Alejandro Montenegro-Montero said...

Hi! We've also selected some of your posts on our own "Picks of the week" of molbio-related blog posts aggregated on RB.
In fact, I've just posted our latest issue of Picks on the Week featuring a post from your blog.