Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Ballad of the Virus (They're Everywhere)

I wrote this on a short bus ride to campus about a year ago, specifically for a Virology Lab course final presentation.
I am taking a study break from biochemistry / molecular biology, and so I decided to try out my new webcam. Hope you enjoy!

Ballad of the Virus (To the tune of "The Storm is Passing Over" cmpsr: Charles Tindley)
They're everywhere
In our food and in our lotion
They're on our skin
And floating in the ocean
They're viruses
And there's more of them than us

They have a protein capsid

And nucleic acid
They replicate themselves

Inside our cells

Attach to the cell
Then inject your DNA
Hijack the host
Make it do what you say
Despite all of this
Some say that your not alive


Where did you come from?
We only have speculation
Escaped DNA
Or reductive evolution
Whatever it is,
We know that you're here to stay.

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