Saturday, April 5, 2008

I Got You Phage

Back in August of 2006, I wrote and performed this song for a lab meeting to summarize my work I had done that summer and the previous year (All regarding a bacteriophage called BPs).

Some of the lyrics are hard to catch, you can find them below the embed. Enjoy!

Will I find you? Well, I don't know.
I won't find out until my will grow.
I scraped the dirt right off my shoe
You were there and , I found you.

Phage, I got you phage. I got you phage. I got you phage.

They say you won't kill , you'll only infect
I can tell from your lack of
You all the bacteria we got


You have in your
You have on your
And when your cruising round the town
when you're around.

So let them say your tail's too long
I don't care, I wrote the song
So put your little head by mine
It has the we can find


from dirty sludge
I found you while eating fudge
I got of you
I still got work to do
I want you to , I'll watch it when you replicate
I found you, I won't let go
I found you, I love you so

I got you phage
I got you phage I got you phage I got you phage
~End Lyrics~

There will hopefully be some more microbiology songs coming soon (as soon as I get a camera up and running). With titles such as:
1. It's Gonna Be There (The E. coli song)
2. Brillant Dance of the Starvation Response
3. Phage in the Soil

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Anonymous said...

hi, was really i myself am a microbiology student in india i really can connect to it.hope u will make many more songs like these.go on man.